Information for members of the Avon Country Market

New Producers

New producers are welcome.

All produce must be made, grown or crafted by you.  We sell co-operatively and we all help to set up, sell and breakdown the market at the end of the sale.  You don't have your own table.  The market takes a percentage to cover its operational costs (it does not make a profit) and the rest comes to you at the end of each month.

You will need to join the Society and become a Member to produce for our Markets.  This costs 5p.  There is also a Manual and Invoice book to purchase.  Produce is labelled with the market Logo, the Producer's Name and Address and is covered by the market insurance.  Cooks must have a Food Safety Certificate and your kitchen will be registered with the local authority.

Most markets sell Food, Garden Produce and Craft.  Some markets do not sell Craft as they are outdoors.  Some of the markets also sell refreshments.  Bakers and Gardeners are particularly in demand at the all markets.

Pop into your local market and ask for the Market Manager for more information.  It is helpful to take along examples of your produce.  Alternatively use the contact form for further details.


There is a wide variety of packaging available for your produce.  Place an order through your local market.  Prices are very reasonable when ordering through Avon Country Market as we buy in bulk and pass the resulting savings on to our Members.

Download a list of the Packaging available....

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